Contrast for implementation of road weather station system (phase 1) is signed

18.03 2021.
Efficient traffic management fully depends on the fast detection of any changes in the weather conditions. The weather data measurement system consists of automatic weather measurement station with the relevant sensors and probes gathering meteorological data from the environment. The measurement stations on motorways thus provide output data, based on which the motorway variable-message signs can warn the traffic participants about any potential dangers. At the moment, it is evident that the motorways are insufficiently covered by weather stations as there are a number of areas with unique weather conditions that affect traffic safety and require prompt reactions.

Croatian motorways L.t.d. signed contract with company Led eletkronika L.t.d. for the works of the first phase of implementation of weather stations on the part of A1 motorway (Bosiljevo II – Karamatići), A3 and A4 motorway in the amount of 6.102.735,00 HRK.
The work are signed in accordance with the implementation of the EU project Crocodile 3 Croatia, co-financed in the amount of 85%.
The deadline for completion of works and implementation of equipment is 12 mounts from the date of commissioning.