Project partners hold online meeting

30.11 2020.
Project partners hold online meeting
At their recent online meeting, the CROCODILE 3 project partners discussed the current project status and need to prolong the Grant Agreement, primarily due to the global situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a direct impact on the financial and operational ability to execute the project in question. 

The meeting’s participants also debated the future of the CROCODILE corridors, in an effort to answer the following questions:

  • Which Crocodile corridors’ values (activities) should be continued in the future as well? 
  • Which challenges on the Crocodile corridors do we predict for the next 3-5 years?
  • What is the next step or challenge, i.e. factor that might affect the coming project?

The discussion about the first question highlighted further investments and development of the peripheral motorway equipment, aimed at improving traffic safety and user information services. Particular emphasis was placed on the need for investments in the meteorological and video surveillance systems, as well as variable-message signs, and on the improvement of service and mobile applications for both employees and motorway users, such as tunnel radio communication and applications for real-time incident-related information exchange.

As for the challenges expected over the next three to five years, the emphasis was placed on the application of new technologies aimed at improving traffic safety, exchange of information on cross-border traffic, and monitoring of those new technologies. 

The next, equally important step, discussed at the meeting was the improvement of information exchange and further development of professional contacts and cooperation to utilize the full potential of the existing technologies and keep up with all the new technologies. 

The main obstacle to achieving the objective and launching future projects to improve motorway operations and traffic safety is securing adequate funds, and one of the solutions is applying to open tenders by EU funds and government bodies. 

In conclusion of the meeting, project partners agreed to create a strategic document that will define their joint priorities, i.e. the priorities of all the Crocodile project partners.