Public procurement procedure launched for the development of a mobile application for informing all users about the traffic situation on motorways and traffic management plans (TMP)

20.07 2021.
Public procurement procedure launched for the development of a mobile application for informing all users about the traffic situation on motorways and traffic management plans (TMP)
Within the Grant Agreement under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), concluded between the Executive Agency for Innovation and Networks (INEA) and from 01.04.2021 (CINEA) and the Manager of Motorways and State Roads (85% co-financed by INEA -e, now CINEA-e), Hrvatske autoceste doo have an obligation, inter alia, to ensure the delivery of services to end-users through the implementation of new applications for dissemination of emergency information and major events, modernization of data collection systems and information systems for end-users, and implementation of cross-border traffic information services.

In this sense, to put it simply, and in accordance with EU Directive 2010/40 / EU, it is obligatory to develop applications in order to inform end users in real time about traffic conditions and meteorological conditions on public roads of all motorway managers and state roads, as well as provide information on the state of traffic on public roads in the surrounding countries that are members of the Crocodile project (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic).

One of the main goals is to develop a new unique mobile application that will bring together functionalities from all areas of interest to the general public: an overview of the current situation and accessibility and emergency information (road conditions).
The mobile application will provide information as follows:

  • information on the traffic situation on the planned route (traffic situation report, travel times report, extraordinary events, works on motorways and state roads, situation at border crossings, view from individual cameras, current speed limit on each section and overtaking warning current restrictions, rest areas and facilities on them, information on toll collection, contacts to emergency and other services (police, fire brigade, HMP, traffic information, toll collection information ...), display of traffic management bypass in case of an emergency events, travel route planning, display of the current location of the vehicle on the map, notification of the incident by the user, multilingual application, etc.).
In order to improve existing processes and inform the public about the traffic situation, the mobile application will include the modernization of business processes for employees of Croatian Motorways Ltd. (patrol service, employees in the Centers for Traffic Supervision and Management) in order to faster and better data processing and ensure real-time traffic monitoring and management, which will result in providing more accurate information and real-time information to end users about the state of motorway traffic and state roads and increase traffic safety on them. In this way, the communication between the operational staff of public road managers (patrol services, employees in the Centers for Traffic Control and Management) and end users will be automated and digitized.

Records and activation of consolidated traffic management plans (TMP) during emergencies are part of a part of the European project in Croatia called CROCODILE 3 CROATIA, whose participants are managers of state roads and motorways in Croatia, all to ensure coordinated traffic management, connectivity and control, which will result in high quality passenger information services on one of the most important road corridors in the enlarged Europe.